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Management Communication - Course Rated

July 13, 2020by admin

Management Communication
Section A. Introduction
I selected the scenario on the pharmaceutical distribution company getting an exclusive contract for the distribution of a new drug for treating cancer. The manufacturer of the new drug was Arab and did not have the capacity to distribute the drugs to its target markets. I think the case fits my interest on understanding how cancer drugs could reach patients from the different locations. Having a proper understanding of how the company communicates with its stakeholders would give me an insight on the communication process engaged by the pharmaceutical distribution companies globally. Therefore, the scenario fits well into my interests and future desires to learn the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs to the different domestic and international locations.
Section B: Internal Email
To: All Staff
Subject Line: Big Win on Araba Contract
I am glad to announce that we have been awarded with an exclusive contract to distribute a new breast cancer drug known as Complexia. I am very proud to all the efforts you put in the drafting of the proposal to win the contract. On working on this contract, I believe that everyone is going to work hard to grow the market share of the new drug.
To employees who were not involved in the drafting of the proposal, Complexia is a new drug for treating breast cancer that has been approved. Complexia compete an existing drug, Tamoxifen that is used in the treatment of breast cancer. Complexia will be used in the prevention of recurrence of the condition after and during the treatment period.
Complexia has two potential advantages that will make it possible to make revenues including that it offers a higher potential efficiency of treating breast cancer. The research studies have indicated that the new drug could be able to treat the patients suffering from breast cancer efficiently. Another advantage of the new drug is giving breast cancer patients hope to fight the disease. The new drug would help in lowering recurrence rates among the breast cancer patients. For years, the lack of breast cancer drugs has made many patients to lose hope and often die because of stress and lack of the willingness to fight against the condition. The new drug will give them hope and ability to overcome from this worse medical condition.
However, the new drugs has two potential disadvantages including that clinical trials have determined the efficacy of the drugs is achieved among a small group of patients over a short period. Also, the long-term product efficiency rates have not been recorded. The lack of research information on the long-term efficiency rates of the new drug could lead to undesirable outcomes that would hurt the company’s reputation. To mitigate on the disadvantages, the company will work with the treating physicians rather than with the patients directly. All staffs should be able to understand the merits and demerits of the new drugs and how will handle any undesired outcomes from the new drugs.
I know one way or the other we have been affected by cancer and we have an exciting opportunity to share this new drug with the world. Please take you take to go through the information on Complexia posted on the Human Resources homepage in the company website. Going forward, we will become partners of good health with patients fighting to become cancer free.
Thank you,
Section C: External Email
To: Shareholder Group
Subject Line: Araba Contract for Distribution of Complexia
To our valued partners,
I am excited to inform you on our recent contractual award of an exclusive distribution of Complexia, a new breast cancer treatment cancer by Araba. The contractual award is a big opportunity for Munnski Distribution Inc. in the long-term. The contract will help us in expanding the overall distribution operations to achieve our short-term growth goals.
Complexia is a drug that treats cancer through reducing the recurrence rates of breast cancer.
Even the company competes directly with Tamoxifen; it is different, which will help us to market it widely. Tamoxifen usually treats cancer through a hormone-driven approach. In contrast, Complexia helps in reducing the recurrence rates of breast cancer during and after the treatment process. Complexia will have competitive advantage over Tamoxifen because it helps to prevent the growth of new and existing tumor. The drug is not a form of chemotherapy.
Complexia will perform well above Tamoxifen as the preferred method of treatment as it does not feed existing or potential new tumor growth. Be sure to understand this is not Chemotherapy and does not directly attack the cancer. Munnski Distribution Inc. is keen on using our existing oncology relationships to improve the positive reception in the market. There is huge market anticipation for the new drug and we seek to capitalize the anticipation to enhance success. Complexia requires refrigerated casing during its transportation and any failure to meet the require poses huge risks on the safety of the drug. However, I have met with Lee Harold at Shipping Inc. who has affirmed their commitment to provide refrigerated containers for the shopping of the drug. Shipping Inc. has also committed to the shorter lead times to promote the delivery of the product to the target markets. Moreover, I am looking to a second shipping company in case Shipping Inc. is unable to meet our expectations.
I want to assure you that the Araba contract is a major growth opportunity for Munnski Distribution Inc. The contract is effective beginning July 1, 2018 and each of you can expect to see very short term control measurements being provided to you within the first quarter. Complexia is the newest addition to our product delivery line and I ask that each of you learn more about this amazing drug by visiting the corporate office on June 15th at 11:00 for a 1 hour lunch and learn with the representatives of Araba and the product developers.
Rory Munns
Munnski Distribution Inc.
Section D: Company Blog
Complexia is a new drug for treating breast cancer that has been approved by the FDA. The approval of Complexia brings hope on the treatment of breast cancer. The new drug will compete with an existing cancer drug, Tamoxifen that is usually effective in breast cancer cases, which are hormone-driven. Complexia is not a type of chemotherapy. Complexia is a medical drug that will be used in preventing the recurrence of breast cancer after and during the treatment of the condition.
One of the key features of Complexia is that it has the ability to reduce the recurrence of breast cancer making it efficient in the treatment of the condition. Research studies have indicated the new drug has a potential efficacy in treating breast cancer due to the high level of breast cancer recurrence in the society today. Also, the new drug is different from Tamoxifen, which also treats breast cancer. The product differentiation is good for the marketing for the drug. However, there are concerns on the efficacy of the new drug to a large group of patients in the long-term period. Most importantly, Araba continues to test and study Complexia to improve the long term efficacy rate.
Based on the initial research findings, there is no doubt that Complexia is going to save lives and reduce the patients that suffer from reoccurrence of cancer. With such great success within the trials and studies, I advise all employees to prepare for a significant growth opportunities within Munnski Distribution Inc.
Section E: Persuasive Letter
Dear Lee,
I am glad you have communicated with us on your concerns with meeting our lead time requirements as stated in our new contract. I wish to convey the importance of having a shorter lead time for this contract and we have ready to improve our contractual consideration for our mutual benefit.
The past contracts were agreed on products that do not require specialized and shorter lead time. We appreciate your efforts in meeting the set forth lead time requirements. However, for this new contract, I think a modification of the existing contract will help in expanding the level of orders and distribution that is profitable to both companies. Araba has awarded us with an exclusively distribution contract for Complexia. Complexia is new breast cancer treatment drug that has been recorded to have positive outcomes on efficient treatment of the condition.
In addition, the demand for the drug has been increasing on a daily basis from the different locations. Based on the increased demand for the drug, we project an increase in the orders by 8% per month, which would be beneficial to you. Meeting the order delivery requirement would also attract a 2% increase in the price of the drugs, which would grow your earrings. According to Araba team, the health standards also require the drug should be delivered within a shorter period to avoid any contamination and expiry. The new drug will only shipped overnight only in a temperature-controlled unit. I believe that you have the resources and capacity to the deliver the cancer drugs to the patients both domestically and internationally.
Finally, I want to remind you of the very meaningful work and commitment to the success Munnski for the past years. You are a valued partner with whom we trust and look directly to for your leadership on order executions. The new contract is effective July 1, 2018 so I am requesting from you a response with actions NLT May 15th, 2018. Thank you so much for your continued support and valued partnership and feel free to clarify any complications.
Section F: Customer Response
Mr. Unhappy,
Thank you sir for taking your time to inform us about you’re the issue your wife is experiencing after taking Complexia. I want to inform you on our commitment and dedication to get the issue resolved. I have started an inquiry with the Product Safety department and the Araba team. They will get in touch with you soon to notify on the corrective solution to be taken. We work with our partner, Araba to get solution on the issue.
In the meantime, you give can us the contact information of your physician and the medical history of your wife as the physician and medical history information will be helpful in understanding situation better. After getting your physician’s information, we will be able to communicate on the better actions to be taken. We value your trust and belief in us. Thank you again for urgently notifying us about your wife’s problem and we commit to put all efforts in resolving the matter. If you have any further questions or information, feel free to communicate with us.
M Rory Munns
CEO Munnski Distribution Inc.
Section G: Communication Strategies
Largely, the company uses positive communication strategies to engage both its internal and external stakeholders. The various examples will show how the company has benefited from the use of positive communication strategies. Negative communication strategy usually involves ignoring the feelings of the stakeholders, feelings, and having a disrespectful attitude towards the stakeholders. The company did not adopt the negative communication strategy in engaging the stakeholders (Zoogah, Noe, & Shenkar, 2015). The positive communication strategies used helps to create positive message and image on the operations of the company. The company maintained a positive engagement with the staffs and its business partner that was useful in creating a sense of focus for business success. Internal staffs including the sales people where motivated and informed on the content of the new drug and how they could market to the clients.
Through engaging the business partner, Shipping Inc. positively, the company was able to create a sense of belonging for the transport of the drugs by the shipping company. For example, the company had a close contact with Lee Harold who worked at Shipping Inc. The company communicated the importance of services of Shipping Inc. on the success of the company. Communicating their important role would make the shipping company feel part of the distribution process and own the entire business operation. Negative communication strategy would have discouraged them engaging actively in the distribution process (Luxton, Reid, & Mavondo, 2015). Based on the positive communication model, the management of Shipping Inc. would feel obligated to install refrigerated casing that would improve the safety of the Complexia. Based on the scenario, the positive communication strategies adopted through the different communication channels helps to create good relations with both the internal and external stakeholders and thus, increasing the possibility of successful distribution operations.
Section H: Communication Modalities
The pharmaceutical distributor company has benefited from the use of the various communication modalities including emails, blogs, social media, and formal letters in communicating with both internal and external stakeholders. For example, the company uses social media to respond to the complaints rom customers. The use of the diverse communication channels has made it possible for the company to have in place a holistic communication strategy for communicating to its key stakeholders (Zoogah, et al., 2015). The varied communication modalities have been effective in helping the company to relay information and respond to the concerns of the stakeholders such as the customers.
Based on the scenario above, the company mainly relies on email for communication with its stakeholders. The effectiveness of the email communication approach is based on the ability to communicate relevant information and understanding how to create strong customer relationships. Email communication makes it possible for the distributor to form strong connections with bond its staffs and external stakeholders such as business partner and the customers (Luxton, et al., 2015). Sending of official emails to Shipping Inc. helped to create a successful network for improved service delivery. In terms of social media, the communication method has been effective in understanding the concerns of the customers including their questions on the safety of the products being distributed by the company. For example, the company had received a social media inquiry on the ability of the new drug, Complexia to treat who had been severely sick after taking the drug. The social media site gives the company an opportunity to provide direct feedback and information on whether the drug would treat the patient (Batra, & Keller, 2016). In addition, the company has blog that is effective in informing the stakeholders on the effectiveness of the new drugs and how the distribution is done to enhance its safety. Therefore, the different communication method used by the company is effective in communication efficiently to the diverse stakeholders including customers, business partners and internal staffs.

Batra, R., & Keller, K. L. (2016). Integrating marketing communications: New findings, new lessons, and new ideas. Journal of Marketing, 80(6), 122-145.
Luxton, S., Reid, M., & Mavondo, F. (2015). Integrated marketing communication capability and brand performance. Journal of Advertising, 44(1), 37-46.
Zoogah, D. B., Noe, R. A., & Shenkar, O. (2015). Shared mental model, team communication and collective self-efficacy: an investigation of strategic alliance team effectiveness. International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances, 4(4), 244-270.

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