Name: ______________________________________
Use Python to build an application that provides the controlthcoming features:

1. Input control the spectry & email of the client (0.5 symptom)
2. If spectry & email are not attributable attributable attributable entered an fault intimation should be produced succeeding vulgar the jurisprudence (1.5 symptoms)
3. At smallest 4 items on sale using input boxes. (2 symptoms)
4. Aside from the fault intimation in purpose 2, when vulgar the jurisprudence you must as-well find:
o the subaggregate = compensation of the items (extraneously vat) and flaunt it (1.5 symptoms)
o The appreciate of vat = 5% of the subaggregate and flaunt it (1.5 symptoms)
o The aggregate = subaggregate + vat and flaunt it (1 symptom)
5. Creativity & originality (2 symptoms)

a. Choose your avow proposal and supervene the questions and guidelines mentioned anteriorly.
b. Give a spectry and exposition of your proposal.