This is an literature review outline for my topic which is “evaluation of knowledge of current diabetes recommendation among providers, including nurses, dietician, physicians and nurse practitioners who works or provide services at the skill nursing facility”
Literature Review Outline
1.0 Knowledge about the Current Diabetes Status
The section will conduct a comprehensive overview of the knowledge of the care providers about current diabetes and potential intervention programs within the health care hospitals. The ability of the nurses to deliver and the capacity of the nursing facilities will also be considered in the analysis of the diabetes status.
A. Diabetes and its Knowledge
B. Adequacy of the providers such as the nurses and the practitioners
C. Capacity of the Nursing Facilities
The access to adequate medical equipment and the nursing environment is important in obtaining information about the current diabetes recommendations within the nursing facilities.
2.0 Diabetes Management among the Providers
The section will review the research studies will offer adequate information and data to the care providers about effectively managing diabetes among the patients. It would include the study on the control of blood glucose levels, exercises, medical practice, and recognition of the medical complications.
A. Diabetes lifestyle educational course
Lifestyle challenges explains some of the risks factors leading to diabetes among the people. An educational program on lifestyle is important.
B. Monitoring and blood glucose
Blood glucose is also analyzed well to ensure that the care providers understand how to monitor and control the blood glucose levels.
C. Diabetes and exercise
Physical exercises are also important in dealing with the challenges of managing diabetes.
D. Diabetes and Medical Practice
The medical practice and techniques are important in improving the diabetes recommendations and practices among the healthcare providers.
E. Diabetes and Recognition of Complication
It will identify the various complications and health concerns, which emerges from the high risks of diabetes.
3.0 Summary and Conclusion
It will include the summary of the results and findings from the different studies on the evaluation of the knowledge associated with the diabetes management among the health care providers including the nurses. Obtaining a considerable knowledge will be important in obtaining the quality education, which improves the delivery of quality diabetes care.