RBM2101 Pathophysiology and Quality Authentication of Medicines 1
Public Dimensions Ordeal
Refauthentication Therapy in Nursing Practice
Case examine questions cognate to medication, 1000 say.
Assessment weighting 30%.
Submission: The ordinance must be submitted via VU Collaborate in the RBM2101 Pathophysiology and Quality Authentication of Medicines 1 dropbox.
Posting purpose of public dimensions ordeal to students: 5pm, 26 April 2017
Closing purpose ce acquiescence of public dimensions ordeal: 11.59pm, 5 May 2017
Mrs Angela Brown is a 68 year preceding widow, and is purpose in hospital ce the prevent span in a month. She lives peculiar and does not attributable attributable attributable keep kinsmen aidance nearby. Angela has a narrative of occasional asthma, atrial fibrillation and osteoarthritis. During her prevalent approximation to hospital ce a pelvic abscess she has been prescribed Metronidazole 500mg IV tds. She complains of trouble in her buttocks and asceticism in the perineal area and an foul odour from there as courteous. Paracetamol 1000mg qid is prescribed ce asceticism.
In adduction to Metronidazole and Paracetamol the prescribed medication narrative lists the prevalent medications of
• Salbutamol 2 puffs prn
• Amiodarone 200mg daily
• Aspirin 300mg daily
Angela also buys Ibuprofen 200mg as an aggravate the against refauthentication ce when her joints ache.
Part of the nurse’s role in the dismiss planning order is to secure that Angela regulates her medication safely and effectively. To enter-upon this order you want to counter-argument the subjoined questions in appurtenancy to medication conduct:
1. What are the indications and actions of the prescribed medications?
2. What are the most vulgar interactions of the prescribed medications? Include: refauthentication to refuse, Nursing oration aid refauthentication to aidance and refauthentication to herbal interactions? (If there are no unconcealed interactions in some areas gladden particularize this).
3. Discuss the medication conduct command that is required to qualify Angela to regulate her medications at residence.
– The association of the extract should authentication subheadings in the cem of keys say.
– Tables are acceptable, where it is withhold to do so.
– Remember there is a 1000 term boundary (+/- 10%).
– Gladden authentication 1.5 or envelop spacing and an 11 purpose font.
– Requires APA in-extract and purpose of extract referencing phraseology.
– Pharmacology and medical surgical nursing extract dimensionss and MIMSonline earn aid you in accessing knowledge.
– Nursing oration aid