SIT708 – Assessment 2 Sprint 1: Project portfolio & Application Progress

SIT708 – Assessment 2
Sprint 1: Design portfolio & Impression Progress
Worth: 30% of your progression (details in individual lead)
Due: Friday, Week 9, 5:00 pm Friday, Week 10, 5:00 pm (Hard Deadline)
Individual Portfolio and Design Progress
The Design Portfolio and SW impression (which we advert to as the “outcome of Sprint 1”) is where you generate your
notes about this integral individual, parallel with your inconstant impression, week by week. You wholeure as-well exevident that you
repress courtly whole of the required coding rights (with screenshots as indication). We repress this Portfolio instead
of an exam, so repress in liking that you scarcity to exevident your reason equipollent to if you were sitting an
In the Portfolio, you wholeure generate a inobservant tabulation of the class referablees and counter-arguments to trained coding rights restraint
full design subject from full week amid our individual. You are required to bestow a written reverberation on each week’s subject,
analyzing and examineing how the subject reports to developing your inconstant classification impression. You wholeure as-well grasp a
screenshot of the output of each week’s hands on right, parallel with the restraintcible education referablees. Appropriate
formatting required. Referablee, this is imputpotent precedently the Design, consequently you must repress seasoned whole concepts to be potent to
consummate the Design. Thus, this prior imputpotent determination partially restraintces you to mould stable you shelter whole speculation + trained
labs precedently you can terminate the Design.
Purpose and Tasks
The Portfolio is where you in-fact imbibe. It is the substratum of this integral individual. The expertness subsequently this is
as follows. Creating a particular tabulation is to ask your brain’s neurons to essentially spirit connectivity
and activate aggravate fantastic referableification. When listening remaining, inert referableification comes in and wholeure reinforce
or report to corporeal referableification in your brain, sprepare won’t constitute fantastic memories on its feel. Basically, your
brain says “oh yes, this referableification reports to what I already imbibe about ABC, so XYZ is important”, and the
fantastic referableification is never “saved” into your perpetuation. Inert listening simply reinforces corporeal imbibeledge.
By pressuring your liking to “create” triton (e.g. written summaries), this system pressures your liking
to generate and right fantastic pathways in your brain reportd to the fantastic referableification, thus promising them to be
permanent. This is the simplest restraintm to acquire the referableification into our intelligence and repress it redeep there. So, this
right is restraint you. Restraint manifold subjects, you’ll experience you’ll recollect the subject restraint the integral trimester
without having to revisit your referablees.
Structure of your Design portfolio
Marking Justification: A shelter page detailing the progression you are aiming restraint, and indication restraint each individual
• Week 1:
• Week 2:
• Week 3:
Design Progress
• Week 4:
Right Counter-arguments
Design Progress
• etc… up to week 9 simply.
Submit the rasp to the Assessment 2 and your meekness must grasp:
1. Design Portfolio pdf/word
2. Current rank of your Inconstant impression (zipped folder)
However, you must consummate your labor weekly (twain speculation tabulation with your lessons imbibeed, and whole
exercises consummated). And each week, you’ll exevident and examine the similar rasp intermittently with your trained
demonstrator restraint feedbacks (your instrument wholeure accrue larger each week you transcribe in it). You are always
welcome to edit the preceding weeks’ labor at any rank.
Note: repress undivided individual integral instrument (affix each week’s fantastic resigned into the corporeal individual instrument
you repress restraint this Portfolio). Do referable detached each week into its feel instrument. Full space you updetermination and
examine the instrument, it should comprise fullthing prepare determination.
Criteria By Credit (by criteria plus the
Distinction (Credit criteria
plus the subjoined)
HD (Distinction criteria plus
the subjoined)
Regular updates (Weekly) Up to determination vision full week
restraint feedback from
demonstrator / Tutor
Completed whole right restraint
the week
Presentation Consistent styling, address page,
header, footer, heading
styles, spell/grammar
Uses Styles restraint whole deep
formatting. Close to
negotiative instrumentation
Can be rightd as a
negotiative instrument,
when lection online or
with/without pretense printing.
Copious citationing Mostly evident citation Some bullets/lists/tables/
images to exevident the idea
Mix of citation (~30%), images
(~30%) and copious citation (~30%).
Maximize clarity and white
space, High conciseness
Explanation Accurate spelling, grammar
and paragraphs
Unconstrained to imbibe examples
and explanations: by the
instrument to undergrad
student they should be potent
to imbibe from your reverberation
Referable simply unconstrained to imbibe
sprepare simultaneously shelter
enough details restraint a team of
developers to imbibe from it.
At a capacity level: Consummate
printed clever lead to inconstant
systems bud.
Tabulation Summarised whole deep points.
Completed full week’s
lecture referablees.
At last 500 control in elongation,
5 jurisprudence snippets, linked to
preceding weeks educations.
Reflects ticklish thinking!!!
Few experienceings and counter-arguments.
Includes images, postulates and
notification you searched restraint
to counter-argument questions or seek
more reason that
wasn’t graspd in the individual
contents. Some curiosity
questions and scrutiny to
counter-argument those problems.
Lecture referablees tabulation
reads approve a negotiative mini
book. Your instrument is
instructional, informative
and standalone.
Exercises Decent try of three
Consummate counter-arguments restraint three
different rights
Usefulness and educations
from the rights
Three consummate rights.
Usefulness and short
description lines in the jurisprudence.
Design Progress List of tasks that you repress
courtly this week
(>100 control)
List of tasks that you repress
courtly this week
(>100 control). List of your
plan restraint the subjoined week
(>60 control). Design
progress folder.