AnnotatedBibliography This assignment is related to the Quantitative Literacy Research essay. To complete the annotated bibliography, first read the QL Research essay prompt. You will have to choose a topic you want to do your QL research paper on. Then you will conduct research. For the QL essay, you are required to use five sources, and at least two of these sources should share data sets. Your sources should come from academic databases (not general internet sources), and these sources should be scholarly. For the annotated bibliography, you will need the five sources you plan on using to support your QL research essay. You will annotate each one of these sources by providing the following information. A thorough analysis of your sources will help you understand what your source is about, and how will it help you develop your argument.  Cite: Provide a complete MLA style citation  Summarize: Summarize the source in your own words (separate paragraph) o What are the main arguments? o What is the point of this book or article? o What topics are covered? o If someone asked what this article/book is about, what would you say?  Assess: In another paragraph, assess the source. o Is your source reliable? o Is the author an expert in the field? o Does the source show any bias, or is it a well-rounded source? o Does the source consider opposing viewpoint? How does the source respond to the opposition? o Is it a useful source? o How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography o What is the goal of this source?  Reflect: In a third paragraph, reflect on the source. o How is this source helpful to your topic? o How will this source assist in shaping your paper? o How can you use this source for your research project? o Has it changed how you think about your topic? For a better understanding of how to write an annotated bibliography, read the lecture notes, videos, and the example posted on Blackboard. Format: Format your bibliography in MLA style. Add title block and running header. Double space the running header and the citations, but single space the summary, assess, & reflection paragraphs. Double space within paragraphs. Use Times New Roman – font size 12. Provide detailed answers, about 150 words, for each category. However, the reflection section can be about 70 to 100 words. Each category should be addressed in a separate paragraph. All text, including the paragraphs under the citation, should be indented. Only the author’s last name, or the title of the article that you begin your citation with, should be flushed all the way to the left. Sources: Five academically scholarly, database sources, with two of them representing datasets. Do not use any print sources (NO BOOKS). I should be able to access all your sources. When you use printed sources, accessing these sources in an online environment, becomes challenging. You can use the eBooks available through the UTSA databases. Use full texts, not abstracts, or prefaces. Failure to follow instructions will result in an F for the assignment grade. Provide the exact and complete URL for all the sources you use. Cite your sources in MLA style, and at the end of each source add the complete URL. I should be able to access the same source you did. Failure to do so will result in negative 10 points.