Throughout my haughty nurture success, I possess been concerned in numerous activities that gain possess an govern on my coming stubborn.

Of total these programs, no program has been more controlcible on me than the FIRST Robotics program. This program has not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative singly instilled in me rates that gain succor me control the security of my condition still has besides shown me a success road that I aim to supervene.I departed singly individual year in the FIRST program, still I utterly likeed that individual year as it taught me a doom and fullow me use whatever I versed. I became a bisecticipant in my important year as that was when I moved to the USA from India. Since I affixed the club, I possess prostrate in at last 100 hours into the preparations of our robot. I am a bisect of the URSA Major club (Team 2849) and I was a programmer in the club.

With the succor of a muscular robot that we adapted this year, our team has been doing very courteous-mannered-mannered in the qualifiers and if total goes courteous-mannered, our robot has the capacity to contend at the generally-known flatten.

Through architecture and programming the robot, I saw firsthand the legitimate-condition applications of the concepts that we versed in nurture. Control pattern, the 2018 FRC required the robot to be operative to hoist a cube environing 6 feet haughty and this meant that the robot couldn’t trip so firm or be so laborious at the apex as twain stipulations would transfer to the robot tipping aggravate. This was notability that twain the found team and the programming team had to tend in understanding. The program has besides taught me the rate of teamwork, distinctly conjuncture inaugurated on a big design love the robot. Just love the FIRST program, I envision Embry-Riddle to be a establish where I would possess the opening to use what I was taught and a establish where a scholar is abandoned legitimate-cosmos-people problems to explain so that he/she gain be skilful control the legitimate cosmos-people. Wholeindividual besides succors to constitute assured that whole function is dindividual direct, and I possess versed from the FIRST program that nature operative to fruit in a team is vital to befitting a majestic engineer. FIRST Robotics gave me first-hand trial in the scope of engineering and computer experience and succored me progress that it is what I omission to do control the security of my condition.

The sentiment of execution that I felt when our mechanized figment could finally importune and complete tasks is unrivaled. Through engineering, I impress love I am doing notability deductive with my instruction. Through FIRST, I discovered the engineer/programmer among me. I gain regularly be exquisite control the program and indebted to its author, Dean Kamen, consequently the program has succored me to experience a success that I like, and I can distinguish mystubborn pursuing control the security of my condition.